Kameron Sheffield is a Composer-Performer based in Kansas City, MO. Kameron holds a Bachelor's in Music Composition from the University of Missouri--Kansas City (c/o 2019) and also graduated from the Interlochen Arts Academy (c/o 2014). As a composer, Kameron straddles the line between music and what he refers to as 'sound art'. After all, music is just sounds arranged in a particular order over time. He is also a proponent of new music, premiering works by: Seth Andrew Davis, Laura Whitney-Johnson, Alex Williams, TJ Martin, Tim J Harte, and many more. 

Kameron has studied with:

Composition: Paul Rudy, Cynthia Van Maanen, James Mobberley, Chen Yi, Mara Gibson, Phillip DeWalt and Zhou Long
Saxophone: Zach Shemon, Matthew Schlomer, James Barrera, and Gary Gould
Clarinet: Adrienne Geffen and Gary Gould
Flute: Mary Posses
Conducting: Matthew Schlomer

Photo by John Brant


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